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My wonderful and supportive wife Emily


Thanks to all of my sponsors, family, and friends for all of the support throughout my racing career. 


- News -

1/7/14 - Thanks for all of the support

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who supported me over the years. After lots of ups and downs over the last few years (broken back, loads of physical therapty, buying a home, getting married, etc) I am taking some time off of my bike... I'm sure I will be back. =]

4/6/11 - Oh life...

Things have been quite busy with me recently. My wrist is doing great and healing up nicely. Big props to Ryan at Troy Lee Designs and rideSFO for getting me set up on their new wrist support brace. It makes a huge difference when I ride, my wrist basically feels like nothing ever happened! My review of the product actually got featured on the vitalMTB website and has over 1600 views already! 

(click the image to link to the product review on
I also wanted to send a BIG thanks to Laura at 5.10 for getting me set up on some new kicks for 2011! I should be getting a review together once I get some ride time in on them too! Cannot wait! I love the feel of them already from just casual use.

I also recently got a care package in the mail from Point 1 Racing with their new Infinite direct mount stem and some new socks! SO stoked! Thanks so much to Tim for the support!

I am still waiting on my race schedule to come together, but for now, the Sea Otter Classic is only a couple weeks out. I am still working on getting my new mid travel race bike together. I actually just picked up a for it today! It is so close! Soon I will be shredding on my new Tomac Vanish! 


1/25/11 - Hello 2011!

First post on here for 2011! I have some new things in the works for the new year, first off, I have a new sponsor I am VERY excited to announce. Hinde Chiropractic Center in Scotts Valley. They have helped in the recovery in all of my major injuries in the last couple years and I am very happy to add them to my list of sponsors. Dr. Aaron Hinde is great with athletes and I have had a ton of success with his help.

I also got a couple photos back from my photoshoot with Pat Branch. Check them out!
On another note, I broke my wrist on Christmas Eve this year doing a ride for fun with my friend. Thankfully my wife was waiting at the bottom to bring me to the ER. I just got the cast off last week and I am not doing some physical therapy and soon some cold laser therapy thanks to Hinde Chiropractic. I am hoping to be back on a bike in 3-4 more weeks.
 (if you don't see your logo on here, I need more stickers!)

More updates to come soon.

 12/15/10 - More coverage and CCCX finals results

This past weekend was the CCCX series finals. Because I was injured so much this year, I didn't get a chance at an overall title, but I did have a ton of fun at the races I did make it to. This last weekends race was perfect traction with the sandy soil after all of the rain we had last week. It made for a VERY fast race. I used the GPS on my phone for a practice run (not full speed) and I hit 41mph on the fastest part of the course. I ended up in 15th place in the Pro class and 6th place in the Chainless class for the finals. I am just starting to get comfortable racing again (after my 2nd race back after surgery). I am very excited to get back in racing shape for the 2011 race season. 

This last weekend I also spent some time taking photos with a professional photographer named Pat Branch. His website is I will be posting up the photos as soon as I have them. From what I saw that day, there should be some sick photos! Also for this shoot I got some brand spankin' new gear from TLD. Big thanks to Ryan for making it happen!

I also am in a new commercial for Adrenln Industries riding my DH bike. Super pumped! Check it out!

12/7/10 -  New Video

Here is a quick video edit of me riding some local trails here in Santa Cruz. Hope you enjoy!

11/30/10 - FINALLY an update!

This year has gotten even more crazy for me. I got married in May, another shoulder surgery in May, and I purchased my first home with my wife this month!

I also lost my uncle this month who was battling cancer. Tom was an amazing person who was always good for a laugh. He got to see his favorite baseball team (San Francisco Giants) win game 1 of the world series in person with his siblings and watch the rest of the games on tv with his family and friends. Miss you already Uncle Tom!

On a lighter note, this last weekend was my first race back since my shoulder surgery in May. With everything else going on in life/work, I haven't been able to ride as much as I would have liked to in the last couple months to train. But I am pretty happy to see I am still competitive with racing, I just need to train a little more to get totally back up to speed. I got 14th place in the Pro DH category and 5th place in the Chainless DH race. Only got a couple photos from the weekend though. Enjoy!


9/9/10 - New races added to my schedule for 2010! The CCCX DH series is back on for the rest of the year! I am really excited to start racing again. I am finally feeling back to 100% on my shoulder after the surgery in May. Super pumped!

I also received a new pair of gloves from TLD. The 2011 Air gloves. Let me start off by saying these are the best light gloves I have owned to date. The palm and fingers are all one piece so you don't have any uncomfortable seems to deal with while riding. The palms and fingers also have silicone printed on them for extra grip (great paired with the ODI TLD grips). The mesh material on the top side of the hand and fingers makes for a very breathable/cool glove. I am SUPER pumped on these gloves to say the least.

I have also been pretty active with training with my new job in Los Gatos CA. There are a good amount of XC/All Mountain trails all around the office. I am pumped to be off the road and to be able to ride the trails daily! More updates to come soon!

8/23/10 - This weekends trip was totally epic. A VERY HUGE thanks to Ryan from Troy Lee Designs for putting together this whole weekend. Everything could not have been any easier this weekend.

I had never been to Mammoth to ride before and at first I was a little sketched out with how loose and rocky the terrain was. But after a couple runs down the mountain, I was able to get comfortable and start pinning it! I know I said this weekend was epic and I really mean it. We got to hang out, meet, and ride with Cam Zink, JD Swanguan, and a few other awesome people from the industry. We also got to hang out with Mark Hendrickson (Mammoth's Park Manager). I wanted to thank Mark for helping with everything this weekend. 

I also took a historical ride down the mountain on the original Kamikaze race course that used to be dominated by John Tomac! It was pretty cool to ride my Tomac Primer down the trail. I don't know how those guys did it back then on the bikes they did. Its pretty crazy to ride it now on my full on DH bike.

Be sure to check out my Facebook for photos from the trip! Click HERE to view my Facebook page.

8/18/10 -  This upcoming weekend I am taking a road trip with my buddy Ben to Mammoth Lakes CA to ride the Mammoth bike resort with Troy Lee Designs! We get to meet and ride with Cam Zink (the winner of the 2010 Crankworx Slopestyle competition). SUPER pumped to say the least! We are heading out Friday in the late afternoon for the 5 1/2 hour drive out to Mammoth. Ride all day Saturday and then head back home Sunday morning.

A very HUGE thanks to Ryan from Troy Lee Designs for all of the amazing support so far this year. I can't even explain how grateful I am for all of the crazy awesome support!

I also want to give some major props to Scotts Valley Cycle Sport for all of the mechanical support they have provided me with this year. I could not be where I am without you guys. Thanks Andrew, Tyler, and Jim. You guys rock.

I also wanted to thank all of my other sponsors for making all of this possible. Joel at Tomac Bikes, Phil and JRock from rideSFO, Tim from Point One Racing, and Niel from Adrenln Industries.

7/23/10 - A photo of me has been published on the Troy Lee Designs website! This is probably one of the biggest accomplishments in my cycling career so far.

HUGE thanks to Sean Walton ( for taking this killer photo of me. Also a big thanks to Ryan from TLD for seeing some serious potential for this photo!

Be sure to check it out in person by going to the Toy Lee Designs website ( and click on 'Bicycle' up at the top of the site. I am on the 2nd link that comes up as "Bicycle Videos'.


7/17/10 -  New RAW Podium pedals from Point One Racing!

These are the best pedals I have ever used. Hands down. I have been running them on my bikes since they were released. AMAZING. They are super light weight, killer grip, and very low profile design that give you great clearance compared to most pedals. So many killer features to the pedals, you should read more about them here. Thanks so much to Tim at Point One Racing! Now for some photos!


6/7/10 - Marriage, Honeymoon, and shoulder surgery...

May has been QUITE busy for me with some huge life changing events. Everything started with me getting married to my beautiful wife Emily on May 15th. This was the most amazing experience. We got married at my parents home in Scotts Valley CA. The venue could not have been more perfect for our small 45 person wedding.

(Photo credit to Mike Buchanan -
mbB photograophy)

Shortly after the wedding we headed to Hawaii for our honeymoon! I want to take a moment to thank my aunt Pitty for the amazing gift of this trip. It was perfect! Thanks SO much! Love you! We stayed at the Ko Olina resort on Oahu.
This was the view from our hotel room

We also got to feed rays and hammer head sharks by hand. Here is a shot of us in one of the tanks

The same week we got back from our honeymoon I had my shoulder surgery on my left shoulder. This surgery was to remove an anchor that was put in with my last surgery in July of 2009. The anchor they removed had started to move out of the bone an into my shoulder joint (a few mm) causing some pretty serious pain and a huge limit on my shoulders range of movement. With the anchor out now, I should have my regular range of movement back soon. Another great thing about this surgery is the recovery. Just a little over a week since the surgery, and I am already out of the sling and using my arm again. I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon today to see when I can get back on the bike again!

I also wanted to thank all of my sponsors for being so supportive for the last few months with how busy I have been with my personal life. Seriously, thank you guys. Joel at Tomac, Phil and JRock at rideSFO, and Ryan at TLD... you guys have all been amazing. Thank you! More updates to come soon!

5/4/10 - A long overdue update! It has been a while since I last posted, so I have quite a bit to talk about.

First I am happy to say I am only 11 days away from getting married to my amazing fiance Emily on Saturday May 15th. We got engaged in December of 2008, so it has been a long time in the making. The wedding is going to be held at my parents home in Scotts Valley CA with all of our closest family and friends. We are also doing a short and sweet honeymoon to Hawaii the following weekend. I am unbelievably excited to say the least for the big day. Check out our wedding website for more information.

A few weeks ago now was the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey CA. I was out there Friday through Sunday practicing, hanging out with friends, and racing. I ended up crashing in my race run on the last jump of the course which cost me easily 10+ seconds in my race run. I finished with a time of 2:39.9 which put me in 21st place in CAT-1 (25-29). I was pretty bummed about the crash, but on the plus side I had a great weekend with all of my friends. I also had some pretty serious mechanical issues in the 2 days of practice before race day. I ended up breaking my derailleur off the bike both days. Big props to Ryan at Shimanno for hooking me up and upgrading me with all brand new Saint gear.

I also received a killer care package from Neil at Adrenln Industries with their killer line of shirts!

I also got some not so good medical news about my shoulder I recently had surgery on in July of last year. I started getting sharp and uncomfortable pain in my shoulder where the surgery was, so I went to see the doctor to check things out. After multiple tests and scans (arthrograms hurt a TON after by the way) they found one of the anchors they implanted into my scapula to hold one of the permanent sutures in place has moved a few mm out of the bone and into my shoulder joint. The doctor unfortunately said this can cause some serious damage to my shoulder joint if it is not removed. I am not sure when exactly, but sometime this year I am going to need to go into surgery again to fix things in there. Thankfully, the doctor assured me the procedure is nowhere near as involved as the last surgery and the recovery time would be significantly quicker.

That is all for now, I might be a little quiet as the wedding gets closer but plan to get back on regular updates soon! I just wanted to get everyone caught up to date on me! Thanks again to all of my sponsors for all of the help so far this year. I would not be the rider I am today without all of your support!

4/12/10 - This last weekend was CCCX #3 in Salinas CA. The race had a decent turn out considering the ominously bad weather. They almost canceled the race a couple times in the morning.

I ended up racing hard in the pouring rain for both race runs, but managed to pull out some good results still!

7th Place in Pro DH with a time of 3'46".03 and 4th Place in Chainless DH with a time of 4'17".16. I am pretty stoked to be getting back in the groove with racing. I hope I can continue to improve for the Sea Otter Classic this weekend in Monterey CA. I am super pumped for this years Sea Otter and plan on having a injury free practice and a great race run compared to last year when I dislocated my left shoulder and tore my rotator cuff on my right shoulder in a crash in practice the day before my race run. I would love to avoid that this time around. =]

Here are some photos from this weekend race! Enjoy and stay tuned for more details about the Sea Otter.


Thanks to all of my sponsors for all of the great support so far this season!

4/9/10 - This weekend is CCCX DH #3 in Salinas CA. I am super pumped to race again this weekend. The forcast says there is a 70% chance of rain, so this race might be a little messy.

I also got a couple sets of the new TLD grips from ODI. Thanks to Ryan at TLD for getting me set up!

3/22/10 - CCCX #2

This las weekend was CCCX #2 in the spring DH series. I ended up in 13th place in Pro DH and 5th place in Chainless DH. Not really the results I was hoping for on my first race back, but it gave me a good idea where I am compaired to other riders after coming back from such a long time off the bike due to injuries. Just gave me more motivation to train hard! Here are a few photos from the race:

Thanks to all of my sponsors for all of the support and I cannot wait for the next race!

3/19/10 - I was interviewed for a short documentry about heckling at bike races. Film by Winston Zirjacks. Enjoy!

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being Yelled At from Winston Zirjacks on Vimeo.

Special thanks to rideSFO and TLD for the sweet gear showcased in the video. =]

3/18/10 - New Video and CCCX Series finally starts!

This Saturday the CCCX DH series is finally getting underway in Salinas CA after the first race was postponed due to rainy weather. I am very excited for my first race back since July of 2009 (before shoulder surgery). I have been riding and training so hopefully my first race back will be a good one.

I also have been playing around a lot with my new GoPro HD camera. Emily (my fiance) and I have been getting pretty creative and came up with a rig to get this new video below. The angle we came up with really shows the speed of the trails and also how much your body moves around on a DH run. Very fun to watch, pretty dang awkward to film with that rig on though. Enjoy!

3/15/10 Boom Cam Trial Run from Josh Maurer on Vimeo.

Thanks so much to all of my sponsors for making this 2010 season possible and for all of the support.

Special thanks to Joel at Tomac Bikes, Phil at rideSFO, and Ryan at Troy Lee Designs!

3/11/10 - I was featured on the Official Tomac and Point One Racing blogs!

Thanks for all of the amazing support everyone!

Some footage from the local trails on 3/7/10 shot with my new GoPro HD camera

3/9/10 - New Photos!

Since this weekends CCCX race was postponed due to last weeks weather, I got a few friends together and had my 25th 'birthday party' out on the trails!

Joined by some close friends, my fiance Emily, and my good buddy Sean Walton (photographer) we spent the day riding and shooting out on the local trails!

Enjoy the photos by Sean Walton (

(click on the image to view a larger version)

Special thanks to Emily for all of the amazing support over the years

Also stay tuned for a video update. I finally got my GoPro HD working, so I just need to edit and upload some footage! Hopefully I will have some new video up in the next couple of days.

I want to take a moment to thank Joel from Tomac, Phil from RideSFO, Ryan from Troy Lee Designs, Tim from Point One, Neil from Adrenln Industries, Andrew and Tyler from SVCS, and Flip from Eights and Aces for all of the killer support! I look forward to this 2010 race season with all of you!

3/4/10 - CCCX DH #1 on Sunday has been cancelled due to flooding at the venue. New series dates to come next week.

3/1/10 - This weekend is my first race of the 2010 season and my 25th birthday!

It has been a while since I updated everyone, so here is a big update. More regular updates to come. =]

I am really looking forward to being back between the tape again after a long downtime due to shoulder surgery in July of last year and getting hit by 2 cars on my road bike. After the 3rd time of getting hit on my road bike in just over a year, I decided to retire the road bike. Apparently its just too dangerous to ride it in the town. I have too many good things in my life to risk riding on the road now.

This weekend is CCCX DH #1 for their Spring series. I cannot wait to get out out there and race!

I have some killer new sponsors and I am trying some new training methods that I am hoping will pay off. Thanks to all of my sponsors for all of the pre-season help so far!

This Friday is also my 25th birthday! I might be taking the day off work or doing a half day (depending on weather) so I can get out and ride with my new GoPro HD camera my Fiance got me for a early birthday present. The quality is amazing on this little camera. I should be getting some video up soon as soon as I get the camera dialed.

Stay tuned for the race report from Sunday's race!

A quick shot heading to some of the local trails. I am on the right and my buddy Ben is on the left.

1/26/10 - Another new sponsor for 2010, Adrenln Industries!

Adrenln Industries is an action sports apparel brand that’s dedicated to providing athletes with apparel that truly represents the style and energy of their sport. I am SUPER pumped to be working with them for 2010.

Their line has some super sweet artwork and I am really excited to start rocking it for this season! Be sure to check out the Adrenln Industries website for more information and to see their 2010 line!

1/15/10 -  New Tomac Cartel dirt jumper frame has arrived!

Check it out! Thanks so much to Joel and Clarke at Tomac for making this happen! This frame is killer!

1/3/10 - CCCX #4 Photos

Click here to view the photos from CCCX DH #4

Photos and Editing by Josh Maurer and Emily Moschetti

I also had a short little interview on the Point One Racing blog video for CCCX#4. I am looking forward to spectating the finals at the end of the month. Unfortunately I am not going to be cleared from the doctors to ride again until the beginning of February.



12/31/09 - Happy New Year!

I wanted to welcome a new sponsor for 2010 of mine, Fox Racing Shox! They are a new sponsor for me and I am really excited to be riding for such a killer suspension company. I have been riding their products for years and have ran them on all of my bikes since I started riding. I am also pumped to represent such a great local company and look forward to the 2010 season with them. Be sure to check out their site by clicking their logo on the left side of my site.

This weekend is CCCX #5 in Salinas CA. Unfortunately I am still not cleared by the doctor to race with my knee yet, but I am hoping I can catch the last race of the series on January 31st. I will be out at the race still taking photos and cheering on my friends.

I also wanted to say Happy New Years to everyone! I hope everyone has a great and safe new years eve and day. I will be spending new years day riding the local trails. What a great way to start the year off eh? =]

12/7/09 - TLD D3 Helmet has arrived!

I just got my new TLD D3 helmet delivered to me at work. I am VERY pumped to finally get my hands on one. It is very comfortable and fits great. I cannot wait to get some time on the trails with it. More details and a review to come.

-2009 Race Results-

*CCCX #1 - 19th Place / Pro Downhill
*CCCX #2 - 22nd Place / Pro Downhill - 3rd Place / Chainless DH
*CCCX #3 - 14th Place / Pro Downhill - 3rd Place / Chainless DH
*Sea Otter Classic - 40th Place (of 56) / CAT-1 DH
*CCCX #4 - 8th Place / Pro Downhill - 4th Place / Chainless DH
*CCCX #5 - 10th Place / Pro Downhill - 6th Place / Chainless DH
*CCCX #6 - 11th Place / Pro Downhill - 3rd Place / Chainless DH
*CCCX #7 (finals) - 9th Place / Pro Downhill - 3rd Place / Chainless DH
*CCCX Series final results: 7th Overall (out of 40+ riders) Pro Downhill - 2nd Place Chainless DH!

-2008 Race Results-

* CCCX #1 - 4th Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX #2 - 1st Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX #3 - 1st Place / Sport Downhill
* Sea Otter Classic 2nd Place (Out of 50+ riders) / Sport Downhill
* CCCX #4 - 2nd Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX #5 - 2nd Place / Sport Downhill / Super-D
* Santa Ynez Valley National Race NMBS #3 - 4th Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX #6 - 1st Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX #7 - 1st Place / Sport Downhill / Super-D
* CCCX #8 (Finals) - 4th Place / 1st Place Over All in series / Sport Downhill
* Downieville Classic - 4th Place / Sport Downhill

-2007 Race Results-

* CCCX Race #1 - 6th Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX Race #2 - 10th Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX Race #3 - 5th Place / Sport Downhill
* Seaotter Classic - 12th Place (Out of 70!) / Sport Downhill
* CCCX Race #4 - 9th Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX Race #5 - 8th Place / Sport Downhill
* CHDH Race #2 - 7th Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX Race #6 - 10th Place / Sport Downhill
* CCCX Race #7 (Finals) - 6th place and 4th overall / Sport Downhill

-2006 Race Results-

* Keysville Classic Downhill Race -  4th Place / Sport Downhill
* CHDH- 11th Place / Sport Downhill
* Sea Otter Classic - 28th Place Sport Downhill - 17th Place / Sport Dual Slalom
* Firestone Downhill Race - 5th Place / Sport Downhill - Qualified for Nationals!
* CCCX - Downhill Series Race #3 - 6th Place / Sport Downhill
* Lagrange Fall Classic - 3rd Place / Sport Downhill (State Championships)
* CCCX - Downhill Series Race #5 - 12th Place / Sport Downhill